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About Us

Patricia & Denise
Mommy & Daughter

Suga Mamas Treats takes tremendous pride in tickling your tummies with our artisanal gourmet treats baked from scratch. All desserts are baked fresh upon order. We use top-quality ingredients that allow us to produce decadent, moist, delightful, savory, mouthwatering desserts, which has given us an excellent reputation for quality and taste.   


Hello, I'm Patricia, CEO of Suga Mamas Treats & Tees. Suga Mamas Treats and Tees is a family-based business established by my ten-year-old daughter Denise and myself. My passion for baking can be noticed in the amount of love and detail that has gone into each dessert with an amazingly mouth-watering taste. Each dessert is made from scratch with only the best high-quality ingredients. 

​Hi, I'm Denise, aka Suga Mamas, and I'm ten years old. Suga Mamas was my parents' nickname when I was born many years ago (smile). Whenever my mom would bake, I'd always ask to help. Decorating the cupcakes was my favorite part after licking the bowl. One day I decided to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness month, so my mom and I figured out how to make t-shirts (tees). I enjoyed making tees so much that it became my business. From there, my mom and I combined our businesses to create a kid-friendly establishment!


Together we've established "Suga Mama's Treats and Tees."




We are working on a Kid Friendly "Do It Yourself"(DIY)Tees and Treats aspect of the business. With this new addition, kids of all ages can design shirts and decorate cupcakes with fun toppings.

We hope you'll enjoy our treats as much as we enjoy making them!

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Cupcakes in New York City
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